Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog switched~~

To everyone,

Due to my mistake and carelessness and blurness, the admin of the blog can no longer sign in and thus, all the features of the blog cannot be edited. Many unconvinience will then occur. To over come this, our so call "brilliant" classmate, Teck Huai suggested that we open a new blog and link it from our old blog. So now, we, the members of 10s2a proudly present you all with out new blog!
Always visit us for updates! Thanks! ^^


Saturday, September 12, 2009

some pictures for sharing(10S2A)

AT steven' corner, preparation for PA drama
(kelvin chee and teck siang's group)
the most handsome one staff in steven corner.haha
what's up man~~haha

commit suicide.....
" Ah Seng, you jump, i jump..."
damn scared.haha

hey hey, come come, do you want racing with us??!!
(teck huai"s spec. very cute ya~~
haha )

cool man....
donuts v bought at big apple.
celebrating for Naadhiya's birthday.
ying yi and me...
her black poisoning..haha cute, his posture..haha

our "" van """!!!!!
v r green teeth monster!!!!
our class all“霉女”took a picture,haha


friendship forever~~
i like this
i don't want be the camera man again....
wuwu, everytime i was not inside in the picture...

with ms. Christina 's cute dog-- "Blossom"
(i'm not sure isn't it is this spelling)

"TIan Ji"!!!!
are you pregnant??my godness~~==!!

Vivian, what you are doing on wei jia??
muack !! muack!!

cool big boss, jia hui~~

mr. teck huai and his"dream lover",ms. Jacqueline

for tomorrow biology test,
gambatte ya!!jiayou!!
i'm not taking bio, haha. i'm free for tomorrow bio. class!!
who want to join me to CITC????!!!!!
hahahahahahahahahaha, just kidding la~~
fight hard for next week exam!! jiayou!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Addition for Random xD

Today when Sin Yue was talking with Queenie,
I wanted to say Sin Yue is nosy,
and when the moment I want to tickle her,
suddenly I FELL DOWN from my chair carelessly.
Everyone looked at me,
Sin Yue and Queenie them were keep laughing,
and I was also keep laughing non-stop.... on the floor.

PA Video presentation session was brilliant !
10S2a's films Bravo !
Suddenly I feel like want to make a real filming,
whole class will cooperate to do it,
including our lecturers xD
Any idea ? haha

According to Choi Yieng's and my idea,
we are going to choose the best quote among lecturers of our class.
As all of our classmates know,
every lecturer will give some classic quotes everyday during lecture or tutorial class.
So now we need to do weekly statistics first ? Haha
Final results will refer to the voting ? xDDDD

p/s: Chong Chee Sin, I also want a NICKNAME ! =P

Totally Random

2nd week of sch after 1week sem break. Got an assaignment from PA2 teacher, which is to make a video about Stress. I think is because of this, the whole class show the real face alr lo... So SOT! Hahahahaha.....

I love all 3 videos, specially my own group. Well done Teck Huai, Choi Yieng, You Wei, Chern Min, KK and of course, MYSELF! hehehehe... XD

1 stupid thing we did this week was, giving someone nickname, stupid nickname! haha...

Teck Siang >>>> Sakai (He loves to call ppl sakai so v cal him sakai)

Shi Xue >>>> Sushi (Tong Seng keep on calling her 'su si' which means, lose till die! Haha...)

Queenie >>>> Tian Ji (At 1st v called her 'ji tou'-chicken head, but then she insist to cal her self 'tian er', so finally we call her 'tian ji')

Tong Seng >>>> Du Gui(Gambler) (You knw, he works in Genting casino mar...)

Wei Jia >>>> Fei De / Ya Tou(duck head)

You Wei >>>> San Fan Ren / Hong Yi Nv Lang (He said those who eat rare vege are san fan, but then he eat chili?! And he always wear red shirt!)

Teck Huai >>>> Peng You (His favourate phrase, for Krisna! XD)

Vivian >>>> Van (=.=" no comment, but tat Teck Huai keep on calling me Chong Chee Sin!)

This week's joke, by lecturers:
Mr.Chong: No money no talk, so i don't talk lo...

Mr.Chong(again): Are we having talking competition now??

Mr.Ng: So you are 50kg, see, i cannot hang you there what, arrr... 50kg(while pointing to a girl). Oh, sorry sorry, you are not 50kg. haaarrrr, I'm 50kg.

Mr.Keong: Ghost! AAaaarrrrhhhhh!!!

Mr.Chin: I ask you to do ar...not try. DO IT!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Merdeka Day ! Malaysia !

Today, 31st August 2009,
is Malaysia's 52th Anniversary xD
Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians !
I hope one day later,
Malaysia able to achieve advance standard like other developed countries in various aspects.

We love Malaysia ! Long live Malaysia !

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009.08.14 - Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

Since our class is scholar class,
so all of our classmates needed to attend this ceremony.
But due to certain reasons,
Ying Yi, Vivian and Eve were absent.
This so-called Scholarship Presentation Ceremony is really boring,
because we know our job to there was just to sit there throughout the ceremony,
to listen to some greatmen to talk and to look at scholar representatives to receive the certificates.

Wait, it wasn't everything.
Before that,
all of us were informed that this ceremony will start at 10am and end up at 12.30pm.
On that day, the ceremony was punctually started at 10am,
but ended up at 10.45am !
Oh my God ! Only 45 minutes and we were allowed to dismiss! WTH?!
Before how were they predict this ceremony will be held until 12.30pm ?!
It was really pissed us off.

Anyway, all of us were dressed in formal,
of course we will take a lot of photos since it's not always happen.

10S2a Big Family

Girls' Power

Man's Power (Ahem, I'm not)

Nice arrangement isn't it?

We were keep taking photos and almost spent 1 hour at College Hall front door.
Suddenly we saw the chairman of TARC Council, Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting and the principal of TARC, Dr Tan Chik Heok were walking towards our direction.
We asked them to do us a favor since all of us wish to take photo with them,
and they agreed with it immediately.
Whoa ! Surprised ! xD

Took photo with chairman of TARC Council, Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting and principal of TARC, Dr Tan Chik Heok

Both of the great men were giving talks and advices.


Thanks to all of the camera contributors and photographers. ^^

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd Test Schedule

Physics - Unknown (Who's going to inform me since I'm not Physics student? xD)
Biology - 14th September
Chemistry - 16th September
Mathematics T1 - 1st September
Mathematics T2 - 11st September
Pengajian Am(Kar) - Unknown
Pengajian Am(Ken) - Unknown, but Mr Jason told me should be on the mid of September

Besides that,
to remind all of you again,
for your informations,
we will be moved from SPUS Block to K Block for our lessons,
since SPUS Block will be used as Diploma examination's venue,
start from 1st of September until 18th of September.

Below are the changes of venues.

H301 - DK 5
H302 - DK 6
H303 - DK 7
H304 - DK 8
H201 - K201
H202 - K202
H203 - K203
H204 - K204
H205 - K205
H206 - K206
H207 - K301
H208 - K302
H212 - K303

So unlucky, within examination season still need to move to other block T^T
Anyway, it is quite a good news for someone who enter TARC by the backdoor ^^